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Membership Cancellation : After conducting the scrutiny of your profile and the details provided, if we found that you have provided any wrong information or not qualified for the particular category, we will be refunding 50% of the amount you have paid within 15 working days of registration.

Refund policy : We are not providing any refund facilities for the products or services offered through our websites / Mobile applications. The shop, company or the person providing the Product/Service will be liable for same. HelpsAap is only a platform to connect with the Seller and the Buyer and therefore, HelpsAap shall assume no liability with respect to the Products/Services sold by the seller/person. HelpsAap strictly disappoint the dealing of any fraudulent or prohibited products / Services on its Platform and shall reserve the right to report such case, if found, to the concerned authorities for any legal actions.

Customer can contact HelpsAap, if you have any feedback on the services by e-mail at :